Financial products for the modern investor

Premiere Capital has developed, promoted and implemented a variety of commercial finance structures over many years, specifically designed for companies and high net worth individuals. The core objective is to maximise returns to companies and individuals through participation in potentially lucrative business trading and investment opportunities, whilst minimising trading and investment risks.

Premiere Capital has a number of commercially attractive trading and investment opportunities available, each of which has been carefully constructed utilising the knowledge and experience of leading professionals and advisers in these areas.


The provision of secured bridging finance to projects in the property, media and general commercial sectors can deliver attractive returns to investors. These may be secured against property, producer Tax credits or pre-sale contracts or other assets depending on the sector.

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Premiere Capital structures and arranges funding for property developments and investments. The team includes executives with extensive experience in the development of large property projects across a wide range of use classes.

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Investment by individuals into Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed EIS qualifying companies attract substantial Income Tax relief and Capital Gains Tax relief and deferrals for United Kingdom taxpayers. Any gains made in such shares are free of Capital Gains Tax if held for over 3 years. Investments obtain relief from Inheritance Tax if held for two years or more.

Premiere Capital has a number of commercially attractive investment opportunities available which seek to maximise potential gains whilst minimising investment risks.

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Media Rights

The Sovereign Corporate business opportunity enables a company and its director(s) to trade media rights for profit with potential additional benefits for corporation tax, efficient profit extraction and repayment of overdrawn director’s loan accounts.

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Film Distribution

Premiere Capital structures and arranges funding for distribution of completed films and other media in the United Kingdom and Eire, as well as in other international territories. Film distribution is undertaken through Bulldog Film Distribution Limited, an experienced film distributor based in the United Kingdom.

Investors can participate in these activities and potentially earn significant returns in priority position alongside the distributor, secured against the distribution rights.

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Tax Services

Through an associated firm – Cotter Solutions, an audit of client enquiries and tax returns can be undertaken with the objective of setting aside Accelerated Tax Payment Notices (APNs), tax demands and collection activity.

Premiere Capital has a range of investment opportunities that can assist in mitigating these liabilities.

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